3 Life Hacks That Will Save You Money On Car Insurance.

In California car insurance isn’t an option, it’s the law. It can be quite pricey depending on where you live, your driving record, the vehicle you drive, and much more. There are many ways you can save money on car insurance. Here are 3 hacks that can help reduce the cost of insuring a new motorist or already seasoned driver.

  1. Shop the Web: Many people just settle with the prices they are paying for car insurance. It’s important to search the web and compare prices to your current policies. Most the time the cheapest insurances aren’t always the best money savers. In the long run, they may cost you much more, especially if you end up in an accident. Be sure to check the coverage you have against comparable rates online. Most quotes are easy and free
  2. Park Your Car in Garage: Protecting your valuables will pay huge dividends down the road. In the short term, your insurance company may reward you for protecting your car as well. If you have a garage or access to covered parking be sure to mention this to your agent when comparing insurances or getting a quote. A lot of time this will save your money.
  3. Ride Your Bike: Okay, I’ll admit this one isn’t always feasible, yet if you live in a place that riding your bike or taking a bus to work a couple days a week is an option, it may save you lots of hard earned cash on car insurance. By reducing your weekly mileage you can save money on your insurance. Not only will you save cash, but you may also contribute to a healthier lifestyle, and a greener Earth.

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