Auto Insurance Tips to Save You Money

Auto Insurance Tips to Save You Money

We see the TV commercials running all the time about switching companies to save money on car insurance. What if you want an agent and the top insurance company instead of a mascot, 800 number and terrible customer service, are the other ways to save? You bet! If you are smart about how you handle your auto insurance or the occasional traffic ticket, you can save money and have the best of both worlds. Here are some tips to help you save.

Combine Your Insurance Policies

When you deal with the top insurance company they will continue to offer you deeper discounts as you bundle multiple polices. These savings can add up quickly and in the end save you money across the board. This could mean your overall cost is less.

Take Advantage of Life Changing Events

Many people don’t realize that certain life changing events can affect their auto insurance. Some examples are getting married or becoming a parent. Be sure to call your agent and let him know.

Sign Up for Available Driving Programs

The insurance company can offer a driving program that is based on your actual miles driven. So, if you have two vehicles and one is not driven much, make sure to have that vehicle entered into that program.

Good Student Discounts

The big insurance company will reward youthful drivers for getting good grades by offering a decent discount for maintaining a good GPA and presenting your school transcript.

Mature Driving Class

The DMV offers a Mature Driving class that you can take. By completing this class and presenting the certificate you could receive a discount on your auto insurance.

Traffic School

This is so important and whenever you have the option for traffic school, take it. You need to protect your driving record. People tend to not want to take traffic school because of the additional cost and hassle only to find out later that their insurance premium jumped significantly. Then it’s too late to go back. To make matters worse insurance companies will continue to rate you for that ticket for years so the overall cost is much greater than the cost of traffic school.

Call Your Agent

Best part of being with a top insurance company is having an agent that you know and equally important that knows you. Call your agent on renewals and find out if there are any additional discounts you qualify for or any other ways to save on your insurance.

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