5 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

5 Things to Do After an Auto Accident

So you are involved in an auto accident and you’re asking yourself now what? As you are pulling over maybe feeling disorientated or physically hurt this is not the best time to be wonder what you need to do. We were probably taught this many years ago but have since forgot. No need to worry here’s a refresher and simple steps to follow if you have the unfortunate event of an auto accident.

#1 You MUST stop

It’s the law regardless if the accident involves a pedestrian, moving car, parked car, object or personal property. If you drive away you can be charged with hit and run even if it wasn’t your fault.

#2 DO NOT admit fault

We all have a tendency to want to discuss what happened but it’s best to only discuss your accident with your agent or the police. If you are disoriented you should refrain from giving any statements and let the police know of your condition.

#3 DO notify the police immediately

If it’s a minimal accident the police will determine if they need to come to the scene. If the accident involves a parked car or someone’s property and you unable to locate the owner then leave a note.

#4 DO exchange information

This includes name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and insurance information. Make sure to get the other car’s year, make, model, license plate number and VIN number. I recommend taking a photo of the back of the other car showing the color, make, model and license plate. We all have cell phones so a simple to get photos of the damage as well. If there any witnesses make sure to get there name, address and phone number. Do the same for passengers of the other vehicle.

#5 CALL your agent to report the accident

Having the right agent could make a huge difference and in some cases all the difference in the outcome of your accident and how your claim is handled. The right agent can assist you in every step of the claim process and can help you identify important factors about your accident. Make sure you have someone you trust representing you for your insurance needs.

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